"This is an album of ear candy where it is simply far too easy to just keep playing the cd over and over again. I'm always amazed how quickly it has again passed, as I've just floated through another wonderful realm of sheer auditory pleasure. The production is just amazing. "Party Cake" seems like something Fleetwood Mac could have put on "Rumours." Sue's gorgeous lyrics ring through my head again and again. I'll find myself just singing out lyrics like "Re-al-ity" and "All I know is that I love you with my energy and light" in a bank or grocery store. Fortunately when these songs run through my mind, it's a very welcome thing, not a Genesis song you wish you never heard in the first place. "Louisiana" is simply gorgeous--simple, evocative and heart-felt; "Find the Love" is a rocker you could welcome swilling a Corona to at a local bar; "Love Should be Easy" challenges us to clean our mirrors, our souls, while lifting us to sonic heights. But still my favorite is "Energy and Light," the joy and ease Sue extends in it so artfully. I look forward to seeing Sue at gigs all around the U.S. She is warmly welcome by many fans here in Charlottesville.