From the beginning, as a little girl growing up in Southern California, Sue Paine’s life experiences ultimately shaped the inspired artist in her today. She prefers to let the music speak for her. With her first album, “Love Should Be Easy”, Sue has finally found the vehicle to tell her story.

Born into a family of musicians, Sue’s earliest influences came from the Big Band and Jazz era, such as the Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, The Andrews Sisters and the Kingston Trio, which were her Mother and Father’s favorites. She has an endearing connection with the old Swing/Jazz standards, remembering as a child when her mother would sing them while dancing all through their house. Sue’s overwhelming love and compassion for her family and friends, along with her God-given talent of music, is what makes Sue such an special artist. As she grew older, her influences came from such artists as Johnny Cash, The Pretenders, Joni Mitchell, Tom Petty and the Eagles. Her voice covers a wide range that is able to tap into each and every human emotion…drawing her audiences close while radiating her transcendent energy.

Although you would never know it if you met her on the street, Sue’s shy demeanor and fear of performing created a stress that was so great, it almost ended her career before it even began. But with a deep breath, while standing in front of a crowd, she took that leap of faith and strummed that first chord into what has become a very successful career. For the past 10 years, Sue has been perfecting and performing her songs in and around Los Angeles, including headlining shows at Hollywood’s Knitting Factory and Orange County’s famous staple, The Coach House. Recently, four of her original songs were chosen for an independent film entitled “Young, Single & Angry” and the film’s soundtrack will showcase her debut album’s title track. As Sue continues performing live, she also continues to write new songs for her sophomore release. She states, “’I’m writing all the time and after finally seeing the release of my first record, and performing that material live, I’m more inspired than ever with new ideas.”

With a melodic style and original sound that’s all her own, balanced by a now fearless on-stage persona, Sue Paine is one artist to watch out for. With her first album, “Love Should Be Easy”, Sue invites you into her heart and share the energy that comes from her truthful songs and soulful lyrics.

And…the truth will always set you free.

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Hello My Dear Friends, Family and Fans,

2011 is all about music as it should be! The year is starting off superbly with lots of small appearances at open mics and other shows.  Check the calendar for updates.  I had the great pleasure of receivng my frist ever hand written fan mail.  Not an email but an actual letter from an 11 year old girl who loved my song Party Cake.  She wrote in her letter that she memorized all the words and listeend to my record all the time.  She wrote in different colored pens and told me that she wanted to be a song writer and if I would write back to her it would mean so much!! Well of course I did and we have now become friends and she is writing her first song!!! 

For me the letter arrived at just the right time, when music and life had become ordinary.  This little girls letter gave me the fire I needed to put my music further up the priorty list and keep going! I will Cherish the letter forever and now have a restored faith in how God works in this massive universe of ours.  You just never know when that letter, that money, that job that love will arrive in your life.  But it will arrive and most of the time we are blind sided by it, in a good way of course.  

Thank you Janet for inspirinng me and for being that little piece of the universe that puts everything back on course again.  

peace love and music!!

Sue Paine

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